About me

Hey there! I'm Kok Han👋, and I'm currently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The weather here is a pleasant loading... and the local time is Loading...

I'm passionate in making life easier through automation. I love using scripts to automate boring tasks and turning data into insights that can drive action.

But that's just part of the story. I'm also building Telegram marketing software tools on Windows, helping hundreds of businesses promote their services on Telegram.

Besides my work in software development, I co-create websites at OneStopMaker, where we build stunning and super fast websites using nothing but pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, just like this website you are currently looking at.

What I do

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    Data Automation

    Effortlessly streamline your tasks with my data automation solutions. Gain more time for what you love.

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    Web Design

    Create super fast websites for your business. Enhance your online presence with speed and style.

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    Data Visualization

    Transform complex data into insightful visuals. Together, we'll uncover meaningful patterns and insights.

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    Tech Partnership

    Beyond consulting, I'm your tech partner. Let's explore innovative solutions and make tech work for you personally.

People Said

  • Federico Jorge Testimonial

    Federico Jorge, Founder at StackAgainst.com

    Kok Han's work is saving us hours of manual work every month. We had a process that required scraping a particular site. Turns out this site upgraded their Cloudflare protection and now our workflow wasn't working anymore. We went from an automated task that took us 10 minutes tops, to a manual process that required hours to be completed. That is until Kok Han came in to save the day!

    Kok Han was great to work with:
    1. Clear and regular communication
    2. Educated us on our best options to come up with a solution to our problem
    3. Delivered a scraping bot that works flawlessly, on time

    Kok Han is helping us save at least 15 hours of manual work every single month. He built a bot for us that works on Mac and Windows and even helped us with the installation process, as we are not tech savvy. I'll keep coming back whenever I need automation for my business.

  • M.A Testimonial Photo

    M.A, Lawyer from United States

    Kok Han was great to work with.
    I initially met Kok Han on Reddit. I was looking for someone to automate a repetitive task for me. Kok Han immediately understood my problem and was able to help. I appreciated how quickly he responded to my emails.

    We eventually worked out a system that saved me at least 5 hours/month of time for a price I could afford. I am always looking for additional projects I can start with Kok Han because I know he can get the job done.

  • David Christianson Testimonial Photo

    David Christianson, Professor from United States

    Just a quick note to say that I really like your dashboard page and its functionality.

    I've recommended it to everyone in my department! You're doing great work. I check your dashboard page almost every day!

  • Faten B. Testimonial Photo

    Faten B. Head of Investment Research, U.K

    Goh's work is superb. Effortlessly bringing together huge amounts of real-time data, graphically showing this in a way that is understandable to others.

    He is also open to dialogue and ideas- he is quick to collaborate with others on how to interpret the data and establish trends from the mountains of info; the real value to anyone wishing to work with him.

    Goh was able to do all of the above, working readily with me and others to incorporate their ideas, which made it an even greater joy to work together. Keep up the good work- I'm a fan!

  • Ivy Testimonial Photo

    Ivy, Founder at P.

    I am thankful for the opportunity to have met Goh and to have appointed him as my technical hire.

    He consistently completes tasks efficiently and is always willing to go the extra mile.

    Goh excels at identifying and analyzing problems, and he will suggest the most suitable solutions based on your budget and best interests.

  • Ivy Testimonial Photo

    TSC, Attorney From United States.

    Kok Han is excellent. He delivers high quality work product and is very prompt.

    I would recommend him to anyone for any type of web design or SEO work.

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